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Sun gives you loading options that best suit your needs and give best value for your money. Choose from regular to unlimited, combos and buckets at the best rates for you.

Sun Call & Text Combo

  Price Keyword Validity Comes with
Call and Text Combo 10 P10 CTC10 1 day FB**
10 Mins Call to Sun/Smart/TNT
50 Texts to Sun
50 Texts to Other Networks
Call and Text Combo 20 P20 CTC20 3 days FB**
25 Mins Call to Sun/Smart/TNT
100 Texts to Sun
100 Texts to All Networks
ctc30 P30 CTC30 3 days FB**
NonStop Chat***
40 Mins Call to Sun/Smart/TNT
150 Texts to Sun
150 Texts to Other Networks
CTC 50 P50 CTC50 5 days FB**
NonStop Chat***
70 Mins Call to Sun/Smart/TNT
250 Texts to Sun
250 Texts to Other Networks

All offers above are available for Xpressload and Load Conversions.
*Terms and Conditions Apply
**100 MB / day for Facebook
***Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and LINE

Text <KEYWORD> to 247

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