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Advisory for all SUN Postpaid and SUN Broadband Postpaid Account Holders

Starting November 1, 2016, all subscribers of Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) for its Sun mobile services will be transferred to Smart Communications, Inc.

In view of this, kindly address all your Sun Postpaid or Sun Broadband payments to SMART COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Your Official Receipts will be issued by SMART and will be sent together with your next billing statement. For reimbursements, a BIR-registered Acknowledgement Receipt (AR) will be issued as proof of payment.

For Value-added Tax (VAT) claims, you may use the Official Receipt that will be sent to you together with your next billing statement. Please be assured that these changes in your billing will not affect the services and offerings that you are currently enjoying as a Sun Postpaid subscriber. Kindly note as well that all other non-payment and after-sales transactions will still be processed at The Sun Shop until further notice.

Go Green and Get Rewarded

Promo Mechanics

  • This promo is open to existing Sun Postpaid and Sun Broadband Postpaid (except corporate and employee accounts) customers who will enroll to the eStatement service until April 30, 2019.
  • Customers who will enroll their bill to the eStatement service will be credited with P80 to their MVP Rewards account.
  • The P80 MVP Rewards credits will reflect on the customer’s MVP Rewards account on or before the 10th of the following month.
  • The credits will only be given once.
  • Customers who have already availed of the P80 MVP Rewards credits from previous promo/s are no longer eligible to join.
  • Customers who are already subscribed to the eStatement service are not allowed to unsubscribe, then subscribe again, in order to avail of the credits.
  • The customers who will subscribe to the eStatement service will no longer receive printed bills to their billing address.
  • Promo runs from January 23 to April 30, 2019.

Device Settings for Mobile Internet

Billing Cycle Inquiries

Sun Postpaid Offers

Plan Application

Statement of Account

  • The letter you received is about the enhancements applied to your bill to provide you more relevant information about your account. These enhancements will only affect the format of your bill and no new charges will be applied.

  • Your bill for the month of will already follow the new format. We'll also include a bill insert with it containing more information about the changes in the bill presentation.

  • Please take note of the inclusion of the Advance Monthly Service Fee, as well as the change in the Payment Due Date.

    Advance Monthly Service Fee: Remember the one month deposit that you paid when you first subscribed to you plan? After the enhancement, that payment will be reclassified as your Advance Monthly Service Fee. Under "Discounts & Credit Adjustments" in your bill, you can see that one of the MSFs has been offset. So even if there's 2 MSFs in your bill, you only need to pay for one of them. Please note that the double MSF will only happen once. After that, you'll see one MSF only with every bill.

    Payment Due Date: Your payment due date is now five days earlier. This is to help ensure that in case you are running late in paying your bill, your paid charges will not be carried over to the next month’s bill.

    To further help you see where in the bill these changes will appear, please see sample bill below: eSOA Front

    Back eSOA

  • Here's a guide to reading your billing statement:

  • To subscribe to the Sun eStatement service, you will need to create a My Sun account at my.suncellular.com.ph. Once you have an account, log in and click eStatement under Account Services. Upon successful registration, you will receive your bills monthly via email. You may also view, save and print the last 3 months of your eStatements anytime.

  • You may settle your Sun Postpaid balance by logging in to your My Sun postpaid account and selecting Bills Payment.

Sun Accounts Migration to Smart

  • For Sun Cellular Postpaid and Sun Broadband subscribers, payments including checks, should now be made directly to Smart. Your Official Receipts will be issued by Smart and will be sent together with your next Statement of Account (SOA). If you need to process reimbursements, A BIR-registered Acknowledgement Receipt (AR) will be issued as proof of your payment. For Value Added Tax (VAT) claims, please use the Official Receipt which will be sent to you together with the next SOA.

    1. If you are currently enrolled in an electronic payment facility such as ATM, online banking and/ or mobile banking, you need to change your merchant/biller from Sun to Smart.

    2. If you are using Smart Money to pay for your bill you can either:

      • Use EXISTING biller code: 03007 (Sun Cellular Postpaid GSM & Broadband)
      • or start using biller code: 03006 (Smart)
    3. If you are enrolled under Automatic Debit Agreement (ADA), we will automatically update your Account Number and Merchant/Biller from Sun to Smart.

    4. Certificate of Taxes Withheld (CTW, BIR 2307 and 2306) should now be issued to Smart Communications, Inc.

      Please take note of the following details:

      • Payee’s Name: Smart Communications Inc.
      • Registered Address: 26/F Smart Tower, 6799 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
      • Zip Code: 1200
      • TIN: 001-901-673-000
      Note: Sun Shops will accept CTWs issued to Smart Communications, Inc. only starting November 1, 2016.

  • Smart will still resolve the transaction but may cause delays in posting the payment. To ensure timely posting of your payments, please use your new account number and make payments payable to Smart Communications, Inc. It’s also very important to remember the following:

    • Use your new account number when paying for your Sun Postpaid or Broadband bill especially in accredited Payment Channels. Ensure that check payments are made payable to Smart Communications, Inc.
    • Use your new account number when paying via Smart Money or Mobile banking. Make sure to use the Sun Cellular Postpaid & Broadband biller code 03007 OR SMART 03006.
    • If you have personal enrollment to electronic payment facility such as ATM, internet banking, phone banking please make sure to update the account number and the Merchant/Biller.
    • Use your new account number in accessing you E-SOA in My Sun portal.

  • Yes, you can still enjoy using Sun products and offers. Aside from making Sun Postpaid/ Broadband account payments, other Sun services related transactions will continue to be processed in Sun stores until further notice.

  • Your official receipt with transaction details is considered proof of your payment. This will be sent to you along with your next Statement of Account (SOA).

  • An AR is a provisional receipt approved by the BIR, issued to subscribers upon settlement of their Sun postpaid bills.

  • Yes, the BIR allows using a duly-registered AR at the time of your payment. For other information / computation that you may need (eg. VAT amount paid) can be seen in your OR.

    The BIR-registered AR may also be used as proof of payment for purposes of liquidating cash advances or for expense reimbursements. However, please note that the AR is not accepted as support for claiming input VAT. Please use your OR for this, which will be sent together with your next Statement of Account (SOA).

  • DMPI accounts are being transferred to Smart in order to efficiently handle your needs following access of Sun customers to Smart’s ‘nationwidest’ network.

  • Thank you for asking, there are 3 other items:

    • If you are currently enrolled to an electronic payment facility such as ATM, internet banking, phone/mobile banking you need to update the merchant biller of the change from Sun to Smart.
    • If you are using Smart Money to pay for your bill you can either:
      • Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, 2016:
        • SUN customers should still use the Biller Code 03007 (Sun Cellular Postpaid GSM & Broadband)
        • PayMaya would still send a separate Settlement Report for SUN
      • January 1, 2017:
        • Biller Code 03007 will be deactivated
        • PayMaya will send 1 (SMART) Settlement Report
    • If you are enrolled under ADA, we will automatically update your Account Number and Merchant/Biller (from Sun to Smart ) for your convenience (for ADA enrollees).

Mobile Internet

  • No, viewing your My Sun account using your Sun Postpaid phone or device doesn’t consume data allowance. The page is zero-rated.

  • iMB/Surf MB add-ons are data add-ons in volume based charging. Loads are consumed by Megabytes instead of the usual P5/15 minute charging.

  • All individual Sun Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers and select corporate accounts are allowed to avail of these data add-ons.

  • We will notify you via SMS: 1) less than 5 MB left in the account, 2) upon consumption of the MB allowance, and 3) upon expiry of the MB package.

  • No, default charging rate of P5/15 minutes will be implemented upon consumption and/or expiry of the data package.

  • Step 1: Text NET to 2300
    Step 2: You will be notified upon successful activation of the internet service
    Step 3: You will receive information on device settings. Proceed with the configuration and use 1234 when asked for a password.
    Step 4: Enable Mobile Data and Data Roaming
    Step 5: Click “OK” for no additional charges. (Disable when outside the country)

    As an alternative to activation procedure, you may also configure your device manually. Choose an access point name in your settings, type "minternet" then save.

  • If you see the following symbols on your laptop, phone or tablet, it means you’re connected to the Internet.

    Common Wi-Fi symbols

    Common Mobile Internet symbols

  • It is important to note that data usage varies per device. The amount of data consumed usually depends on the kind of device you are using and the quality of the content. The MB consumption above are based on averages and estimates only.

    20 KB 1 Chat Message
    30 KB 1 Facebook Post (text only)
    250 KB 1 Instagram Post
    300 KB 1 Email (with attachment)
    1.3 MB 1 Web Page Browsing w/ Photos
    2.5 MB 1 Streaming of Music (4 mins)
    13 MB 1 Streaming of Video (4 mins)

    MB Conversion
    1 Kilobyte (KB) = 1,024 Bytes (B)
    1 Megabyte (MB) = 1,024 Kilobytes (KB)
    1 Gigabyte(GB) = 1,024 Megabytes (MB)

    MB vs. MBPS
    MB (Megabyte) A unit of data. A million bytes.
    MBPS (Megabits Per Second) The speed of data transfer.

  • These packages allow you to be more flexible with your usage allowing you to access the Internet only when needed. No volume will be deducted unless you or mobile apps use the Internet. Charging will be based on KB/MB/GB and not blocks of 15 minutes.

    Ideal for users who always have their data connected but only use the Internet when needed.

    Non-Stop Surf Packages

  • These packages allow you to maximize your usage in blocks of 15 minutes. Charging is based on consumed blocks of 15 minutes regardless of KB/MB/GB consumption.

    Ideal for users who maximize 15 minutes per surfing session.

    Time-Based Packages

    Apps that run when push notifications and updates are enabled on your phone. They may incur extra charges for your mobile, but may be avoided by:

    1. Configure operating system and app updates to download via WiFi
    2. For app based loads (ex. FB49), do not click on links that lead outside the app.

    For Android Users:
    Step 1: Go to Settings
    Step 2: Go to Applications Manager
    Step 3: Swipe to the Running Tab
    Step 4: Stop the Running Apps

    For iOS Users:
    Step 1: Go to Settings
    Step 2: Go to Cellular
    Step 3: Select “Use Cellular Data For”
    Step 4: Turn on the apps that are applicable to your load subscription and/or those you only wish to access.

    • Device or handset being used
    • Location of the subscriber
    • Time of use of the subscriber
    • Torrents
    • Peer to peer sharing
    • Machine to machine applications
  • Surf Protect ensures that the subscriber will only be able to access sites and apps part of the data offer he/she availed. It will appear on websites that are not part of the data package availed to stop unwanted charges. Surf Protect will not appear on apps. If your app does not have internet connectivity, it may mean that you do not have an existing data offer eligible to access that app. Surf Protect is available for Postpaid subscribers only.

Non-Stop Surf

  • Nonstop Surf offers are affordable add on data offers that enable subscribers to do nonstop, light mobile Internet surfing plus volume allocation for heavy internet activities such as: streaming, uploading, downloading and VOIP. It also comes with Spinnr access and data allocation for music streaming.

  • Open to all Sun Postpaid subscribers who have sufficient credit limit and Sun Prepaid subscribers with sufficient load balance.
    Note: For postpaid subscribers, this offer will be charged on top of your monthly service fee

  • SPINNR offers more than just music downloads. It makes possible unlimited music streaming at the most affordable rates, playlist customization and access, and the best download discounts. SPINNR is accessible via Android app and mobile browser.
    The volume allocation is for Spinnr streaming usage. Visit spinnr.ph for more info.

  • Upon subscription to a Nonstop Surf or MB package, you will receive a confirmation for Spinnr subscription.
    Click here to learn how to get started.

  • YES, availing of other Mobile Internet offers are highly encouraged. Non-stop Surf is best used with additional volume (MB) offers to have more allocation to access sites and activities that are part of heavy internet activities.

  • Safezone deactivates automatic default charging to ensure that subscriber is aware of all data charges. To activate use of your data rate plan inclusions/iPlans and default rate of P5 for 15 minutes, subscriber has to text DATA ON to 9999, otherwise automatic default charging will remain OFF and a paywall with data offers will be in place.


Renewal and Upgrade

Account Disconnection and Redirection

  • When your Sun Postpaid account has been temporarily disconnected or redirected, you will not be able to make any regular calls, send text messages or use your mobile Internet. You will still be able to receive calls and text messages. To have your account re-activated, dial 200 on your Sun Postpaid phone then choose the option to request for lifting of account redirection and follow the voice prompt. If your account is qualified for lifting, you will be advised to settle your balance in 3 days. You will receive an SMS once your account is active again. You may also request to speak to a customer service representative to have your Sun Postpaid account lifted from account redirection.

Device Unlock Policy

  • NTC MC No. 01-05-2019 is a memo from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) that mandates Public Telecommunications Entities (PTEs) to unlock mobile phones and devices, subject to implementing rules and regulations.

  • The account holder or an authorized representative can request to unlock the device they availed with their Postpaid plan if their subscription is already out-of-contract, and all remaining charges have already been settled.

    For Postpaid subscribers that are still within contract, you may choose to end your current subscription and pay the pre-termination fee to have your device unlocked.

  • For Prepaid subscribers, you may request to unlock the device you availed from SUN as a prepaid kit by providing a valid proof-of-purchase and the device’s IMEI number. The IMEI number is a unique 15-17 digit code that can be located on a sticker on the back of the device or its original box, or by accessing the device’s information through its settings menu.

  • You may file a request at the nearest SUN Shop and through our hotline.

See Terms & Conditions here.