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For immediate assistance, please contact the Sun Cellular Hotline

  • Toll free from your Sun Cellular mobile phone: 200
  • Landline: (02)395-8000
  • Fax Number: (02) 6967134

Sun Postpaid Elite Plan Hotline

  • Toll-free from your Sun Cellular mobile phone: 888
  • Landline: (02) 395-8888

Sun Broadband Wireless Hotline

  • Toll-free from your Sun Cellular mobile phone: 333
  • Landline: (02) 395-3333

DMPI Trunkline

  • Hotline: (02) 397-8888

  Email Us

Should you wish to send us an email for questions and concerns, please do so though our Feedback Form.

  Text Us

Introducing SUN SAGOT!  SUN Cellular’s NEW 24/7 Text Hotline Services for inquiries on promos, products and services!

No need to register!  Simply text SUNSAGOT and send to 1200 for FREE!

  • For SUN Postpaid, get your SUN Sagot Postpaid menu by texting SUNSAGOT<space>Postpaid to 1200.
  • For SUN Prepaid, get your SUN Sagot Prepaid menu by texting SUNSAGOT<space>Prepaid to 1200.
  • For SUN Broadband, get your SUN Sagot Broadband menu by texting SUNSAGOT<space>Broadband to 1200.

*To inquire about the services and promos of any Sun brand, just text SUNSAGOT to 1200. (Available Brands: Prepaid, Postpaid and Broadband)
*For SUN Prepaid, make sure you have at least P1.00 maintaining balance to access SUN Sagot.

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