The Subscriber hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions which shall be in effect from the date of the first use of the Sun Cellular Prepaid Service.

  1. Sun Cellular Prepaid Service is the prepaid telecommunications service and features offered by Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. (DMPI). Sun Cellular Prepaid Service may be used only if the subscriber has all of the following: a.) a valid Sun Cellular Prepaid SIM Card; b.) a valid GSM 1800 or multi-band GSM mobile handset; and c.) Sun Cellular Prepaid load credited to the subscriber’s account
  2. This Sun Cellular Prepaid SIM pack contains a Sun Cellular Prepaid SIM Card and a Sun Cellular User Guide. The SIM Card contains electronically encrypted data that are unique from other SIM Cards. The SIM cards are not replaceable nor the price refundable by cash in cases of loss, theft, or damage due to subscriber’s neglect or misuse.PIN and PUK codes are also provided the subscriber. PIN codes are security numbers that must be keyed into the SIM card in order to explore mobile phone services and other related features. PUK codes are security numbers used to unlock a SIM card that has been blocked due to erroneous input of PIN codes.
  3. Subscriber must use a valid GSM 1800 or multi-band GSM mobile handset in order to access Sun Cellular Prepaid services. Access to the service shall be denied in case a handset: (a) has been blacklisted by DMPI or the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) due to its reported theft, loss, or non-payment or other reasons; or (b) has been SIM-locked to a particular GSM operator other than DMPI. DMPI shall have sole discretion whether or not a particular handset may access and use Sun Cellular Prepaid service.
  4. To avail of the Sun Cellular Prepaid Service, subscriber must have a Sun Cellular prepaid load credited to his/her account. Subscriber may avail of any of Sun Cellular’s prepaid variants, which may be loaded through the use of a prepaid card or electronic loading. The specific features along with the terms and conditions of the particular prepaid load variant shall govern the use and availability of the Sun Cellular Prepaid Service. An account with no Sun Cellular prepaid load for a continuous period of one hundred twenty (120) days shall result in the permanent disconnection of the SIM card.
  5. A permanently disconnected Sun Cellular Prepaid SIM can no longer be reactivated, and the subscriber’s assigned mobile phone number cannot be reacquired. A new Sun Cellular Prepaid SIM pack should be purchased to avail of the Sun Cellular Prepaid service.
  6. The Sun Cellular Prepaid subscriber shall be responsible for calls, SMS, and Value Added Services (VAS) made through the use of his/her Sun Cellular SIM Card. All calls, SMS, and VAS shall be subject to Sun Cellular’s approved rates prevailing at the time of the calls, SMS and VAS are made, plus applicable toll charges and taxes. International calls shall be charged at the exchange rate prevailing at the time that such calls are made.No claim for rebates or refunds due to use by unauthorized persons shall be allowed nor entertained by DMPI. DMPI reserves the right to change the rates without prior notice subject only to prior approval by the NTC.
  7. An inherently defective Sun Cellular Prepaid SIM Card may be replaced within seven (7) days from first use. Inherently defective prepaid call cards (missing, incomplete, or unclear Card number/PIN, may be replaced provided that there has been no prior usage of the card. Any defective GSM handsets provided by Sun Cellular shall be governed by the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. All required documents and any replacements shall be subject to the investigation and sole discretion of DMPI.
  8. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to secure and safe keep his/her SIM card, call card, PIN and PUK codes. DMPI reserves the right not to disclose PUK codes. Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that DMPI has no obligation to provide call/texts/VAS details or itemized billing for calls/texts/VAS made through Sun Cellular Prepaid Service.
  9. The subscriber shall not use the Sun Cellular Prepaid Service, Prepaid SIM Card, Call Card, and other special prepaid loads for any malicious, unlawful, fraudulent, illicit, or abusive purposes, or any usage beyond the ordinary manner of making personal calls or texts, or any use of the services which deprives DMPI the right to charge the applicable rates and fees, including but not limited to International Simple Resale (ISR), Call Back and any other analogous services, or any alternative calling procedure. DMPI reserves the right and shall have sole discretion to terminate service of any subscriber found to have engaged in any of the foregoing purposes, without liability to DMPI.
  10. DMPI shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or other damages or losses, resulting from the use or failure of the Sun Cellular Prepaid Service, or for any loss, damage, theft, or misuse of the SIM Card, Call Card, or other special prepaid loads used as part of the Sun Cellular Prepaid Service.
  11. Except as otherwise provided herein, DMPI does not expressly or impliedly warrant the condition or merchantability of the information or communication provided or accessed through the Sun Cellular Prepaid Service for any particular purpose. Furthermore, DMPI does not warrant that the Services shall at all times be available, uninterrupted, error free or conform to any reliability or performance standards.
  12. DMPI reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time, with or without prior notice. These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. All suits involving the Sun Cellular Prepaid Service shall be filed exclusively with the proper courts of Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.