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AVAILABLE FOR Keyword Description Price Validity
PREPAID NONSTOP25 Non-stop surfing
25MB Open Access
300MB Spinnr Access & Streaming
P25 1 day
NONSTOP50 Non-stop surfing
100MB Open Access
500MB Spinnr Access & Streaming
P50 3 days
NONSTOP100 Non-stop surfing
250MB Open Access
1000MB Spinnr Access & Streaming
P100 5 days
POSTPAID NONSTOP299 Non-stop surfing
1000MB Spinnr
P299 30 days
NONSTOP450 Non-stop surfing
1000MB Spinnr
P450 30 days
NONSTOP699 Non-stop surfing
1000MB Spinnr
P699 30 days

 If you want more mobile data for streaming, uploading and downloading, you may avail of the following volume offers:
AVAILABLE FOR Keyword Description Price Validity
PREPAID MB5 10MB P5 1 day
MB50 100MB + 500MB Spinnr P50 3 days
POSTPAID MB99 200MB + 1000MB Spinnr P99 30 days
MB250 700MB + 1000MB Spinnr P250 30 days

To avail, text <KEYWORD> to 247!

What you can do with Non-Stop Surf


  • Web Reading

    (e.g. Blog sites, news, sports, entertainment, other articles, etc)

  • Web Searching Reading

    (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

  • Mobile applications

    Access to mobile apps whose functions do not fall under volume inclusions (e.g. Wikipedia, Foodpanda, Uber, Google, etc.)

  • Chat messaging

    (e.g. Whatsapp, Line, Viber, etc)

  • Send & receive emails

    (e.g. Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc.)

  • Social media posts

    (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

  • Navigation

    (Waze, maps, etc.)


  • Downloading/uploading files

    (e.g. Blog sites, news, sports, entertainment, other articles, etc.)

  • VOIP or calls over the internet

    (Viber, Skype, Facetime, etc.)

  • Streaming of videos and music

    (e.g. Vimeo, Youtube, Deezer, Spinnr, etc)

  • Peer-to-Peer downloads

    (e.g. Torrent, etc)

  • Know how much MB you consume


  • Stream music

  • Customize playlist

  • Download and purchase music

Surf worry-free with no additional data charges

(For Postpaid Subscribers only)

Surf Protect ensures that the subscriber will only be able to access sites and apps part of the data offer he/she availed.  Surf Protect will appear on websites that are not part of the data package availed to stop unwanted charges. Surf Protect will not appear on apps. If your app does not have internet connectivity, it may mean that you do not have an existing data offer eligible to access that app. 


  • Nonstop Surf offers are affordable add on data offers that enable subscribers to do nonstop, light mobile Internet surfing plus volume allocation for heavy internet activities such as: streaming, uploading, downloading and VOIP. It also comes with Spinnr access and data allocation for music streaming.

    • Open to all Sun Postpaid subscribers who have sufficient credit limit and Sun Prepaid subscribers with sufficient load balance.
    • Note: For postpaid subscribers, this offer will be charged on top of your monthly service fee

  • SPINNR offers more than just music downloads. It makes possible unlimited music streaming at the most affordable rates, playlist customization and access, and the best download discounts. SPINNR is accessible via Android app and mobile browser.

    The volume allocation is for Spinnr streaming usage. Visit spinnr.ph for more info.

  • Upon subscription to a Nonstop Surf or MB package, you will receive a confirmation for Spinnr subscription.

    Click here to learn how to get started.

  • YES, availing of other Mobile Internet offers are highly encouraged. Non-stop Surf is best used with additional volume (MB) offers to have more allocation to access sites and activities that are part of heavy internet activities.

  • Safezone deactivates automatic default charging to ensure that subscriber is aware of all data charges. To activate use of your data rate plan inclusions/iPlans and default rate of P5 for 15 minutes, subscriber has to text DATA ON to 9999, otherwise automatic default charging will remain OFF and a paywall with data offers will be in place.