How do I activate my GPRS, handset settings and data on/off? Activate GPRS - Steps
Know how you’re connected common internet connection symbols

If you see the following symbols on your laptop, phone or tablet, it means you’re connected to the Internet.

How much MB do I consume? How much MB

It is important to note that data usage varies per device. The amount of data consumed usually depends on the kind of device you are using and the quality of the content. The MB consumption above are based on averages and estimates only.

MB Conversion MB Conversion Chart
Icon MB Based
What are MB or volume based packages and what are the advantages of using them?

These packages allow you to be more flexible with your usage allowing you to access the Internet only when needed. No volume will be deducted unless you or mobile apps use the Internet. Charging will be based on KB/MB/GB and not blocks of 15 minutes.

*Ideal for users who always have their data connected but only use the Internet when needed.

Learn more about MB based packages
Icon Time Based
What are time based packages and what are the advantages of using them?

These packages allow you to maximize your usage in blocks of 15 minutes. Charging is based on consumed blocks of 15 minutes regardless of KB/MB/GB consumption.

*Ideal for users who maximize 15 minutes per surfing session.

Learn more about time based packages
What are background apps and how can I avoid charges from them?

Apps that run when push notifications and updates are enabled on your phone. They may incur extra charges for your mobile, but may be avoided by:

  1. Configure operating system and app updates to download via WiFi
  2. For app based loads (ex. FB49), do not click on links that lead outside the app.
For Android Users Turn off background apps (Android)
For iOS Users Turn off background apps (iOS)
Slow internet connection is caused by: Causes of slow internet connection
What is Safezone? Safezone

Surf worry-free with no additional charges

Safezone ensures that the subscriber will only be able to access sites and apps part of the package he/ she availed. Safezone Paywall will appear on websites that are not part of your package to stop unwanted charges. Safezone Paywall will not appear on apps. If your app does not have internet connectivity, it may mean that you do not have an existing package eligible to access that app.

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