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These promos are no longer available with Sun Prepaid

 Published on Oct 04, 2018
Please be informed that the following Sun Prepaid offers will no longer be offered starting October 15, 2018:

Updated Sun Prepaid Offers

Any attempt to avail of these promos after October 15, 2018 will result in a failed transaction that will not be charged to your account.
If you’re looking for a promo that gives you calls, texts, and data at an affordable price, try Sun Big Time Data 70! With Big Time Data 70, you’ll get to enjoy 1GB data, 30 minutes calls to Sun, and unlimited texts to all networks, for only P70 valid for 7 days. To register, just text BDATA70 to 247.
You can also try GigaSurf 50! For only P50, you’ll get 1GB data plus 300MB for streaming, and unlimited texts to all networks, valid for 3 days. To register, just text GIGA50 to 247.
For a complete list of Sun Prepaid promos, go to https://suncellular.com.ph/prepaid/load-promos