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Enjoy Facebook for FREE with limited access to pictures and videos

  1. 1

    Open Facebook through the Android app or mobile site (www.facebook.com) and select continue when prompted to use FB without data charges.

  2. 2

    A button located at the top right of the screen will allow you to control data charges when using Facebook. Choose “OK” to continue.

  3. 3

    Choose “OK” again to close the message and now you can enjoy using Facebook for FREE! (Does not include photos, videos and external links)

  • What is the Facebook Switch?
    The Facebook Switch is a feature where you can use a basic version of Facebook – without photos or videos, for FREE using mobile internet of Sun.
    How do I access the Free basic version of Facebook?
    1. You can open your Facebook Android application, or just go to the Facebook mobile site by typing www.facebook.com on your mobile browser.
    2. Click ‘continue’ when you get to the opt-in page to allow the Facebook Switch feature to appear
    3. On the top right-hand part of your Facebook Android app or mobile site, there will be a switch you can click to use the free basic version of Facebook
    How will I know if my SIM is still active?
    As long as you can still send SMS or make calls, or if you have at least a P1 maintaining balance or if you have an active package.
    What is a data capable handset?
    Data capable handsets are any mobile phone that can access mobile internet. On a feature phone (like the Nokia E series) as long as there is an internet icon or logo in the phone menu, you can access mobile data. For smartphones, like Android, iOS, Windows phones, you’re your Mobile Data (▼▲) in your phoe settings and make sure WiFi is turned off before accessing mobile internet.
    What will happen if I access sites or apps not included in the free Facebook?

    You will either be charged with the standard data charge of P5 every 15 minutes or it will be deducted to your registered data package. You will also be charged if you accessed the following:

    1. Clicking on links going out of free basic Facebook
    2. Viewing of photos and videos on free basic Facebook
    3. Running background applications or automatic phone updates
    What will happen to my current data subscription?
    Even if you are registered to a different data package, you can still use the free basic version of Facebook. It will not affect your current data offer.
    Can you use the free basic Facebook while roaming?
    No. You can only access it within the Philippines.
    Can I avail of other internet packages while using the Free Facebook version?
    Yes, you can avail of any mobile internet package or call/text & data combo offers while using free basic Facebook.
    How do you go back to using Full Facebook (with pictures)?
    You may click on the switch from FREE to PAID.