The Sun Broadband Toolbar is a small widget for your real-time surfing convenience. It helps maximize your internet usage and budget. It appears mostly on websites that don’t require passwords.

Know what you can do with the toolbar:

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Say goodbye to bill shock! With the Data Meter, monitor how much MB you’ve consumed on your plan and be in control of your internet usage!


Subscribe to postpaid add-ons and prepaid loads in just one click!


Go to Facebook and Wikipedia in just one click!


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    • Click the Sun Broadband logo on the lower right corner of your browser to expand the Toolbar
    • The Toolbar only appears in browsers of laptops, computers and tablets connected to the internet via a Sun Broadband SIM, USB Modem or a Pocket WiFi
    • Toolbar will not appear on the following:

      • On phones and gadgets with small screens
      • In-app browsing
      • Any secured website (those starting with https:// or if the site requires a password to get in)
  • Nothing! All Sun Broadband Postpaid subscribers on Non-Stop Surf plans already have Toolbar

    • For postpaid: Only Subscribers on Non-Stop Surf plans (Sun Broadband Postpaid) can see and purchase loads & add-on plans from Toolbar.
    • For Prepaid: All subscribers will be able to see and purchase loads from the toolbar.
    • For Postpaid: Purchases made on Toolbar will be charged on-top of your monthly service fee.
    • For Prepaid: Purchases made on Toolbar will be charged to your regular load.
    • Yes, but only for a specific period
    • All you have to do is follow these 2 steps

      1. Click on more then unsubscribe

      2. Then simply pick a duration for when Toolbar will be turned off