Enjoy group chatting even without internet. Chattxt is an SMS group service where you can chat up to 24 people in a group. Send and receive messages just like in a chat room but offline!
     Register your group for free by texting REG < your group name > to 2218.


Share your pictures with your Sun friends or e-mail it to your loved ones abroad via Sun MMS for only P1!
     To configure your handset’s MMS and GPRS settings, click here.

Sun iMessenger

Chat as much as you want with your friends around the world through Sun iMessenger for as low as P0.50/message! No Internet needed! You can be online for just P2.00/log-in.

       Just text LOGIN <service> <username> <password> to 2746.

Example: LOGIN MSN TOMAS_CRUZ pass1234

Each chat message sent is just P0.50! You can also avail of unlimited chat by texting any of the following to 2746:
BUY DAY – P20/day
BUY WEEK – P100/week
To know more about this service text HELP LOGIN to 2746.

Sun Alertz

Post tweets and status updates on your favorite social networking sites for as low as P1/txt! You may also receive tweets and status updates from your friends by choosing any of our unlimited packages and texting the keyword to 2805:
BUY 1 – P15/ 1 day
BUY 7 – P50/ 7 days
BUY 30 – P150/ 30 days 
Click here to set up your account or text HELP to 2805 for free info.

Sun Alertz

With Sun’s SMS2EMAIL service, you don’t need a PC or Internet connection to send and receive e-mail. All you need is your Sun phone!

You don’t need to register or sign up for an account. Your mobile number will double as your email address!

Sending an e-mail is just as easy as sending a text message. All you need to do is text <e-mail address> <your message> to 2575.
Example: Hey bro what’s up? I’m sending this e-mail from my Sun phone. Cool huh?!

It only costs P1 to send or receive e-mail but you may also avail of any of our affordable unlimited packages by texting any of the following keywords to 2575:
BUY 1 – P15/1 day
BUY 7 – P50/7 days
BUY 30 – P150/30 days

Click here to know more about the service or text SMS2EMAIL to 2575 for more free info.