Find out why this SUN Prepaid offer is the WAIS choice!

Take your pick from these WAIS offers!

Wais Price Keyword Validity Inclusions
Wais 100 P100 WAIS100 15 days Unlimited Texts to Sun
Unlimited Calls to Sun
Wais 200 P200 WAIS200 30 days Unlimited Texts to Sun
Unlimited Calls to Sun
500 texts to Smart and TNT

Just text <keyword> to 247 to subscribe!


Need more?
Add SUN EXTRAs to your WAIS subscription!

For just P50, you can add one of these EXTRAs.

Extra Price Keyword Validity Inclusions
Extra All-Net Texts 50 P50 EALTXT50 Depends on the base offer* Unlimited texts to all networks
Extra TRINET Calls 50 P50 ETCALL50 Unlimited calls to TRINET (Sun, Smart, and TNT)
Extra IDD Calls 50 P50 EICALL50 25 mins IDD Calls**
Extra Data 50 P50 EDATA50 1000MB
Extra Data 100 P100 EDATA100 2000MB

*Validity of EXTRAs for WAIS100 is 15 days while validity of WAIS200 EXTRAs is 30 days.
***Destinations included: US (Main), Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Guam, Hawaii (P2/min rate)


To add an EXTRA, text <keyword> to 247.

Frequently asked questions about WAIS offers and SUN EXTRAs