Sun Prepaid Regaload

  1. Sun Prepaid REGALOad runs from February 12 – December 31, 2016.
  2. Promo is open to all Sun Prepaid subscribers nationwide.
  3. Sun Prepaid REGALOad allows subscribers to send loads electronically to other Sun Prepaid contacts while enjoying a 10% discount on Sun Regular Load rates.
  4. 10% discount only applies to 4 select Sun Regular Load denominations:

    Denominations Discounted Price
    (upon conversion of Sun Regular Load to REGALOad)
    Savings Discount
    P50 P45 P5 10%
    P100 P90 P10 10%
    P300 P270 P30 10%
    P500 P450 P50 10%
  5. 10% discount is automatically applied upon conversion of Sun Regular Load to REGALOad.
  6. To avail of this offer, subscribers with sufficient Sun Regular Load balance simply text:

    REGALOAD<space>denom<space>SUN MOBILE NO. OF FRIEND<space>FRIEND’s NAME/YOUR NAME, send to 2222

    Ex: Text REGALOAD 50 09221234567 JACK/TITA JILL send to 2222. P1 fee per transaction.
  7. Promo will only be made available to active Sun Prepaid subscribers who will input the correct promo keyword. Offer is not available in other top-up channels (Xload, Call Cards, Goldmine, Give-A-Load).
  8. REGALOad is exclusive to Sun Prepaid subscribers. Thus, the service may only be used when sending a load from a Sun Prepaid number to another Sun Prepaid contact.
  9. Subscribers sending out REGALOad will be charged P1.00 per transaction. P1 transaction fee will be charged against the sender’s Sun Regular Load balance. If a subscriber wants to send out P50 REGALOad, he/she must have P46 Sun Regular Load balance to complete the transaction (P50 less P5 plus P1 transaction fee).
  10. A subscriber may send out up to P2,000 worth of REGALOad per day. Should a subscriber reach the maximum allowable REGALOad send-out amount, he/she must wait for the next 24 hours before sending out REGALOad again.
  11. A subscriber may only receive up to P1,000 worth of REGALOad per day. Should a subscriber reach the maximum allowable REGALOad limit in a day, succeeding REGALOad transactions received will automatically be forfeited. A subscriber who reaches the P1,000 cap per day must wait for the next 24 hours before receiving REGALOad again.
  12. A subscriber who receives REGALOad may not send back the same load to the sender anytime during the promo period. (Ex: A receives P300 load via this promo from B. A will not be allowed to send back the P300 load to B)
  13. This promo allows subscribers to customize the sender and recipient’s names. A maximum of 12 alphanumeric characters may be used to customize the sender and recipient’s name.
  14. Validity (day 1) of REGALOad starts from the time the load was received.
  15. Loads received via REGALOad service will automatically expire after its validity. Rule applies even if the load has not been fully consumed:

    Denomination Validity
    REGALOad P50 15 days
    REGALOad P100 30 days
    REGALOad P300 75 days
    REGALOad P500 120 Days
  16. Loads received by a subscriber via the REGALOad service will not forfeit any active promo or regular load.
  17. In case a subscriber with an active Sun Regular Load receives REGALOad , transactions made by the subscriber will first be charged against his/her REGALOad balance. After his/her REGALOad balance is exhausted, only then will succeeding transactions will be charged against his/her regular load balance.
  18. To check account balance after receiving REGALOad, a subscriber simply texts *221# to 247. REGALOad balance will be reflected separately from the subscriber’s regular load balance.
  19. Loads received via this promo may be converted by the recipient to any active Sun Prepaid promo load (Ex: CTC20, CTU30, TU200, etc.). To convert REGALOad to a promo load, a subscriber must key-in the conversion syntax of his/her preferred load via text and send to 247. (Ex: TU200 to 247).
  20. REGALOad may be converted by a subscriber anytime within the load’s validity period to his/her preferred promo load.