Bask in the SUN LTE experience!

With LTE (Long Term Evolution), you can surf, share, and do business up to six times faster mobile internet speed VS 3G.


Stay connected and up-to-date through social media apps.


Watch high-definition videos and play games uninterrupted.


Experience clearer and more reliable video calls.

Start your SUN LTE experience!

To access LTE, you’ll need to:


*Sun LTE SIM must be placed on SIM 1 to experience fast data connection.

Make the most of your 1GB data the SUN LTE way!


1GB = 1000 posts
on Facebook*


1GB = 2000 photo
uploads on Instagram*


1GB = 4000 messages
on Viber*


1GB = 2000 searches
on Google*


1GB = 77 videos
(3 mins)*  


1GB =
4000 songs (4mins)*  


*Each activity utilizes the 1GB data allocation

Be a wise data user.

Here are some tips to maximize your SUN LTE data:


Background data allows apps to use mobile internet even when the app is not in use.

Customize which apps to allow for background data.

For Android: by going to Settings, Data, Usage Restrict Background Data

For iOS: by going to Settings, General, Background App Refresh

Most app updates use up more data than when actually using them. So don’t forget to update your apps using wifi.


You’ll be automatically charged P5/15minutes if you access your mobile data after you consume your data plan inclusion unless you register to a data extra.

Surf more with our Data Extras.


Non-stop surfing for light internet activities. 1GB data for streaming & downloads.

P450 for 30 days

Text NONSTOP450 to 247


Non-stop access to Facebook, Waze, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Gmail. *Snapchat VOIP not included

P249 for 30 days

Text ULTIMATE249 to 247


600MB access to YouTube.

P99 for 30 days

Text YOUTUBE99 to 247


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