Sun extends a warm welcome to all international visitors while in the Philippines. Enjoy seamless roaming connection anywhere when you use the SUN network.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What should I do upon landing in the Philippines?
    Turn on your mobile phone to check for available networks for roaming. Your phone will automatically search for the most viable network within your area.
  2. How do I get to choose my roaming network?
    You can choose your preferred roaming network by doing manual selection in your mobile phone.

    You can do this by:
    1. Go to Phone settings
    2. Then Select Network Selections
    3. Select Manual Selections
    4. Select SUN
    Actual steps may vary depending on handsets.
  3. What are the services that I can use while roaming with the SUN network?
    Once connected with SUN, you shall be allowed to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and other supplementary services that your home network offers while you are abroad
  4. How do I get to make outgoing calls and Send SMS?
    To make an outgoing call, Please make sure to use the international dialing format:
    Mobile: <+><country code> <mobile access number> <mobile number>
    Landline: <+><country code> <area code> <landline number>

    e.g. Mobile: +63922xxxxxxx
        Landline: +63 2 xxxxxxx
  5. Is Data roaming also available while in the Philippines?
    GPRS Roaming is available using the SUN network. Please make sure from your Home network whether your service allows you to use data while roam ng in the Philippines.

    However, Data roaming is currently available for inbound Postpaid subscribers only.
  6. Will I get charged when I receive a text message?
    When you roam in the SUN network, incoming SMS are free of charge. However, please check with your home network whether it charges fees for incoming SMS.