For Postpaid Subscribers

Traveling abroad? Sun Postpaid International Roaming makes sure to keep you connected through your mobile phone wherever you go and wherever you are. Make and receive calls and texts and get access to your favourite websites and social media accounts via mobile internet. With established partners in over 100 countries in the world, Sun Postpaid International Roaming lets you see the best of the world while still keeping you connected with the people who matter to you the most.  


Zonal Roaming Rates

Roaming Guide

This guide will get you through the essentials of the service to give you a worry-free experience of Sun Postpaid International Roaming.


Before Leaving the Philippines
Roaming service is deactivated by default for Sun Postpaid subscribers. 24 hours before leaving the Philippines, make sure to activate your roaming service through any of these:

  1. Call Sun Hotline 200 for free using your Sun mobile phone of (02) 395-8000 through a landline.
  2. Visit the nearest branch of The Sun Shop.

Upon Arrival at the Destination Country
To connect to a local network partner at your destination, turn your phone OFF then ON to update the location. Your phone should then automatically connect to a local network partner.

If you would like to manually select the local network partner to connect to, below are general instructions. These may vary depending on the model of your phone. Kindly refer further to your phone’s user manual for specific instructions.

  1. Go to SETTINGS
  4. Select the option for MANUAL NETWORK SELECTION then choose your desired network partner from the list.


Making Calls (To the Philippines, within the destination country, to another international destination) Per minute
Receiving calls (From the Philippines, from within the destination country, from another international destination) Per minute
Sending texts (To the Philippines, within the destination country, to another international destination) Per 160 characters
Data roaming Per kB
Receiving texts (From the Philippines, from within the destination country, from another international destination)


Follow below dialling procedures to easily make calls to the Philippines, within the same country, or to another international destination.

To call the Philippines:
* Calling a mobile number:
International Access Code + Country Code + 3 Digit Mobile Access Code + 7 Digit Mobile Number
E.g.: To call 0998 7654321, dial + 63 998 7654321.  

*Calling a landline:
International Access Code + Country Code + Area Code + Landline Number
E.g.: To call 7654321 (assuming that the number is in Manila), dial + 63 2 7654321.

To call within the same country:
* Calling a local mobile number:
Mobile Access Code + Mobile Number
E.g.: To call mobile number 555 1234567, dial the number as it is.

* Calling a local landline:
Local Area Code + Landline Number
E.g.: To call landline number 123 4567 (assuming that the number is in Los Angeles, US), dial 213 123 4567.

* Calling another roamer:
International Access Code + Country Code + Mobile Access Code + Mobile Number
E.g.: To call 0998 7654321, dial + 63 998 7654321.

To call another country:
* Calling a mobile number:
International Access Code + Country Code + Mobile Access Code + Mobile Number
E.g.: To call 5555 1234 (assuming that the number is in Hong Kong), dial + 852 5555 1234.

* Calling a landline:
International Access Code + Country Code + Area code + Landline Number
E.g.: To call 2222 1234 (assuming that the number is in Hong Kong), dial + 852 2222 1234.

To send SMS:
International Access Code + Country Code + Mobile Access Code + Mobile Number
E.g.: To text 0998 7654321, send the message to + 63 998 7654321.

Data roaming need not to result to exorbitant bill charges and bill-shock if used and monitored properly. The following tips can help you keep track of your usage and stay on top of your roaming expenses.

  • Understand the costs you may incur prior to having your roaming service activated.
    To get a list of the roaming rates for calls, SMS, and data that you may incur in the country that you are visiting, contact the Sun Hotline 200 (using your mobile phone), Sun Landline 395-8000, or visit the Sun Shop nearest you, prior to leaving. The roaming rates for data, calls and SMS are different for each country and local network partner. Knowing the roaming rates will allow you to have a general idea of what your bill charges will be, even before you receive your bill.

  • Track your data roaming usage.
    There are free and paid applications that you can download for your smartphone to help you monitor the amount of mobile data that you have already used. These applications can help in making sure that you do not exceed your planned amount of data usage.

  • Turn off data roaming when not in use.
    When not actively using your data roaming service, disable the function to avoid unnecessary charges which may be brought about by applications that are sending and receiving data in the background. The process for disabling may differ depending on your mobile phone, so check your user manual. When data roaming is disabled, you can still make/receive calls and send/receive SMS at roaming rates, but you will not be able to perform functions which require Internet connectivity (accessing social media accounts, browsing, checking emails, etc.).

  • Check the applications on your smartphone.
    There are some applications which might continually send and receive data updates in the background, even if you are not actively using that application. This would add to the data roaming charges. Make sure to check the options on your smartphone applications prior to leaving, and disable the option that would automatically allow data updates. Similarly, switch your email option to “pull” (retrieving emails manually) instead of “push” (receiving emails automatically).

  • Monitor your connection every so often.
    Even if you are connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi, disruptions to the Wi-Fi signal could cause your connection to automatically switch to data roaming, and cause you to incur data roaming charges without you realizing it. Check your connection once in a while to make sure that you are still connected to the network of your preference.

If you have further questions regarding the Sun Postpaid International Roaming service, you may call the Sun Hotline 200 using your Sun mobile phone or (02) 395-8000 via landline. You may also visit the nearest branch of The Sun Shop.

For calls to the Sun Hotline from overseas, kindly note that corresponding international call rates will apply. 

Outbound Roaming Destinations

For Prepaid Subscribers

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I activate my Roaming Service?
  2. Activating your roaming services is easy. Just text ROAM ON then send to 222.

  3. How soon should I activate my roaming services?
  4. Activate your roaming services at least 1 hour before leaving the Philippines.

  5. What are the services that I can enjoy while roaming?
  6. While abroad, you can enjoy a wide list of telco services including:
    • Making and receiving calls
    • Sending and receiving SMS
    • GPRS services including WAP, internet and MMS (only available to postpaid subs and in select destinations)
    • Caller ID
      - Know who is calling before you answer the phone even when you're abroad with Sun's Caller ID feature
    • Call Barring
      - Protecting yourself from paying for unauthorized international calls is easy with Call Barring. You can choose to restrict your phone from making or receiving any calls, whether local or international. You may also choose to make calls only to your home country. You can choose how you want to protect yourself.
    • Call Forwarding
      - Take your calls in another phone when your battery runs flat even while you're roaming. Sun makes sure you don't miss a call especially during a business trip abroad.
    • Multi Party Call Feature
      - Make simultaneous calls with two of your sales managers in Manila while you're attending a regional meeting in Thailand with Sun Multi-Party call feature.
    • Call Waiting and Call Hold
      - Know when someone is trying to reach you while you're talking to your mom on your Sun phone with Call Waiting. You can also hold any active call to answer the incoming call or make another call while talking on the phone with Call Hold feature.
  7. Do I get to choose a foreign network while roaming abroad?
    Yes. You need to select from available mobile networks while abroad by:
    1. Go to your Phone settings menu.
    2. From Phone Settings, Click Network selections
    3. Choose Manual selections
    4. Then select SUN from the list of networks available.
  8. Do I get charged when I receive a phone call while I am roaming abroad?
  9. Yes! Please take note that for every time you answer an incoming call, whether it originates from the Philippines or from an international destination, you will be charged depending on the rates charged by the roaming network you are currently on.

  10. How do I make a call?
  11. When calling back to the Philippines, just dial:
    +63 + Area or Network Code + Phone number or 00 + Area or Network Code +Phone number
    i.e + 63 + 323 + 1234567 or 00 + 63 + 323 + 1234567

    When calling an international number, just dial:
    + Country code + Area code + Phone number.

  12. How do I send a text message?
  13. When sending a text message, just use the International dialing format of the recepient when sending a message.
    Country code + Area code + Phone number
    i.e + 1 + 323 + 1234567 or 00 + 1 + 323 + 1234567.

  14. I tried to send messages but it gives me a failed message sending notification. What should I do?
  15. Whenever you encounter a message sending failed prompt, it could be that the message center number is different.
    Please make sure that the message Center number is + 639220001501

  16. Do I get charged whenever I receive a text message?
  17. No. Incoming SMS are free of charge.

  18. Do I need to turn off my roaming services when I return to the Philippines?
  19. It is highly recommended to turn OFF the roaming services when you return to the Philippines. Your Packet data (GPRS) settings are disabled once your Roaming services are active. It will be restored once Roaming services are disabled.

  20. Do I need to maintain a required balance to keep my roaming services active?
  21. Yes. A prepaid credit of at least P100 is needed to maintain your roaming services active while abroad?

  22. What happens if my credit falls below P100?
  23. If your credit falls below the maintaining balance, a notification message will be sent to you reminding you that you need to top up or reload your credits to at least 100 pesos. Your Roaming services will be deactivated after 48 hours from the time your amount falls below the maintaining balance

  24. Will I be able to restore my roaming services after my service gets deactivated?
  25. Yes. Your roaming services can still be activated if you are able to top up or reload prepaid credits within 24 hours from date of deactivation.

  26. What if I fail to reload my credits after the 24 hour period after deactivation, can I still reactivate my roaming services?
  27. Unfortunately, your roaming services will be permanently deactivated when abroad. Please ensure that appropriate amount of prepaid credits are loaded in your account everytime to avoid such inconvenience.

  28. How do I turn off my roaming services?
  29. You can turn off your roaming services by simply texting ROAM OFF then send to 222.

You can still call or text your love ones using your Sun Prepaid SIM. The Prepaid Roaming Service is initially available in 6 countries – China, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and U.S.