Sun Broadband Pocket WiFi

Get 250MB open access internet with downloading and streaming valid for 3 days! Now with expanded nationwide coverage!

Also Available

Sun Broadband Prepaid SIM

Pre-loaded with 1 hour of internet every month

Get this for only P15
bro simcard 

Sun Broadband Prepaid Kit

250MB open access internet valid for 3 days.

Get this for only P595
sun bro plugit

Get consistent, fast, and reliable Broadband internet!

Offer Device Included Free Internet Hours Price
Prepaid Kit 595 USB Modem 250MB valid for 3 days P595
Prepaid WiFi 1395 Pocket WiFi 250MB valid for 3 days P1395
Prepaid SIM 15 SIM only 1 day free Facebook P15
Prepaid SIM 39 SIM only 1 day free casual internet access (no downloading and streaming) P39