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Get to know your device

It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery. Standby time is approximately 100 hours and working time is approximately 4 hours.

Signal Indicator

Red No signal

Orange Weak signal

Green Strong signal

WiFi Indicator
Light on:

WiFi hotspot is enabled/active

Light off:

WiFi hotspot is not enabled

SMS Inbox Indicator
Light on:

Unread messages in inbox

Light blinking:

Inbox is full


When you open the back panel of your Pocket WiFi, there is a label that says "WiFi SSID".

Look for this when you connect as it is the default name of your Pocket WiFi.

Up to 5 gadgets may connect to your Sun Broadband pocket WiFi

Note, however, that the speed you will experience will depend on each user's online activity. Sharing your Pocket WiFi means sharing your connection as well.

  • Make sure that your device is switched on and you are connected to it.
  • In your preferred Internet browser, simply input the URL below depending on the devices brand.
    1. Huawei -
    2. Alcatel/ZTE -
  • From here, you may set up your Pocket WiFi name, password, and send and receive SMS. Make sure to check back frequently for important announcements from SUN Broadband.

The default username and password when accessing the Sun Broadband Pocket WiFi settings and controls are both “admin” .

You may send SMS to avail of add-ons, and join raffles & other promos!

Using a USB Modem

  1. Go to your device's user interface which pops up when you insert the USB modem to your laptop or desktop.
  2. Go to the text section to view / send messages.

Using a Pocket Wifi

  1. Go to the user interface by typing the IP address on your browser:
    • for ZTE devices
    • for Huawei devices
  2. From there, you will have to go to the text section to view/send messages.

Using your Broadband SIM

To send an SMS, simply text using your mobile phone.

Press and hold the power button and WPS at the same time until the LED indicators blink.