pocket wifi

Get 1 hour/month free internet for 3 consecutive months to enjoy more time online! Now with expanded nationwide coverage!

Also Available

Sun Broadband Prepaid SIM

Pre-loaded with 1 hour of internet every month

Get this for only P39
bro simcard 

Sun Broadband Prepaid Kit

Get a Plug-it device with Sun Broadband SIM

Get this for only P595
sun bro plugit

Get consistent, fast, and reliable Broadband internet!

Offer Device Included Free Internet Hours Price
Prepaid Kit 595 USB Modem 1 hour valid for 1 day P595
Prepaid WiFi 1995 Pocket WiFi 1 hour valid for 1 day P1995
Prepaid SIM 39 SIM only 1 hour valid for 1 day P39