Non-Stop Surf Plans

Unlike Others, enjoy continuous monthly surfing! What can be more wonderful than this? Know more about Non-Stop Surf Plans HERE.

Gagdet Plans Image

Gadget Plans

Now the power is yours to choose the gadget that you want and bundle it with the postpaid plan that you need! 

LTE Plans

LTE Plans

Experience Sun’s fastest internet connection yet with the all new Sun Broadband LTE plans! Enjoy high-speed internet surfing and get your very own LTE-capable device for just P999 a month! See the areas covered with LTE and FAQs on this service.

By The Byte Scale

By The Byte Plan

With Sun Broadband’s By-the-Byte Plans, pay only for the megabytes you use! Best suited for mobile gadgets, these plans allow you to stay connected without being charged for your idle time. Sun Broadband offers you a variety of By-the-Byte Plans that complements your surfing needs.