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Sun Broadband Wireless Prepaid

    1. What is Easy Load?

      Easy Load is a hassle-free Sun Broadband Prepaid card loading process which allows you to load your Sun Broadband Prepaid SIM and device using another Prepaid or Postpaid Sun or Broadband SIM.

      You no longer need to transfer your pocket WIFI SIM to a mobile phone or to access the SBW Modem Manager to load via Sun Broadband Prepaid SIM and device.

    2. How to do it?

      Using any Sun SIM, just send below syntax to 2225:

      LOAD<space>Sun Broadband Prepaid No.<space>Data Card No.<space>Data Card PIN

    3. What loads are included?

      All Sun Broadband loads available in load cards.

Sun Broadband Wireless Postpaid

Sun Accounts Migration to Smart

  • For Sun Cellular Postpaid and Sun Broadband subscribers, payments including checks, should now be made directly to Smart. Your Official Receipts will be issued by Smart and will be sent together with your next Statement of Account (SOA). If you need to process reimbursements, A BIR-registered Acknowledgement Receipt (AR) will be issued as proof of your payment. For Value Added Tax (VAT) claims, please use the Official Receipt which will be sent to you together with the next SOA.

    1. If you are currently enrolled in an electronic payment facility such as ATM, online banking and/ or mobile banking, you need to change your merchant/biller from Sun to Smart.

    2. If you are using Smart Money to pay for your bill you can either:

      • Use EXISTING biller code: 03007 (Sun Cellular Postpaid GSM & Broadband)
      • or start using biller code: 03006 (Smart)
    3. If you are enrolled under Automatic Debit Agreement (ADA), we will automatically update your Account Number and Merchant/Biller from Sun to Smart.

    4. Certificate of Taxes Withheld (CTW, BIR 2307 and 2306) should now be issued to Smart Communications, Inc.

      Please take note of the following details:

      • Payee’s Name: Smart Communications Inc.
      • Registered Address: 26/F Smart Tower, 6799 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
      • Zip Code: 1200
      • TIN: 001-901-673-000
      Note: Sun Shops will accept CTWs issued to Smart Communications, Inc. only starting November 1, 2016.

  • Smart will still resolve the transaction but may cause delays in posting the payment. To ensure timely posting of your payments, please use your new account number and make payments payable to Smart Communications, Inc. It’s also very important to remember the following:

    • Use your new account number when paying for your Sun Postpaid or Broadband bill especially in accredited Payment Channels. Ensure that check payments are made payable to Smart Communications, Inc.
    • Use your new account number when paying via Smart Money or Mobile banking. Make sure to use the Sun Cellular Postpaid & Broadband biller code 03007 OR SMART 03006.
    • If you have personal enrollment to electronic payment facility such as ATM, internet banking, phone banking please make sure to update the account number and the Merchant/Biller.
    • Use your new account number in accessing you E-SOA in My Sun portal.

  • Yes, you can still enjoy using Sun products and offers. Aside from making Sun Postpaid/ Broadband account payments, other Sun services related transactions will continue to be processed in Sun stores until further notice.

  • Your official receipt with transaction details is considered proof of your payment. This will be sent to you along with your next Statement of Account (SOA).

  • An AR is a provisional receipt approved by the BIR, issued to subscribers upon settlement of their Sun postpaid bills.

  • Yes, the BIR allows using a duly-registered AR at the time of your payment. For other information / computation that you may need (eg. VAT amount paid) can be seen in your OR.

    The BIR-registered AR may also be used as proof of payment for purposes of liquidating cash advances or for expense reimbursements. However, please note that the AR is not accepted as support for claiming input VAT. Please use your OR for this, which will be sent together with your next Statement of Account (SOA).

Technical Concerns

  • Sun Broadband comes with a USB modem (except for Sun Broadband Wireless SIM Only). To enjoy the full benefit of a high-speed Internet experience, we recommend, at the minimum, the following computer system requirement:

    • Pentium 4, 1 GHz or higher
    • USB 2.0 full speed
    • Microsoft Windows 2000, Window XP, Windows Vista or Mac OS
    • 50 MB free hard disk space
    • 128MB RAM or higher
  • Yes. Non-Sun Broadband SIM will not function on the provided modem.

  • Sun Broadband is available nationwide.

  • Open your Sun Broadband Wireless user interface and go to Tools > Options > Network > Select Network Type > Bands> All Bands> Apply > OK.

  • The published speeds are the maximum speeds available for the plans. Speed per usage would depend on several factors such as time of usage (peak or off-peak hours), location and traffic of users.

  • You can use your Sun Broadband SIM on you mobile phone if it is 3G/HSDPA compatible. Your SBW SIM will allow you to connect to the network and surf the Internet using your phone.

    Your connection and experience of the service will be limited to the capabilities of you mobile handset. Also, since voice calls and SMS functions are disabled on your SIM, you will only be able to utilize Sun Broadband for data.

  • The current service setting of Sun Broadband Wireless does not allow the subscriber to use voice/video calls. The subscription is limited to data services.

  • Ensure that there are no running / active programs and then plug the modem to the USB port of the PC. The operating system should be able to find the new hardware and the installation prompt would appear automatically.

  • Explore the drive path of “Sun Broadband Wireless” and then click “Autorun.exe” file. The installation prompt will then appear upon clicking the “Autorun.exe” file.

  • Make sure that you selected the right Profile name and APN. Open your Sun Broadband Wireless user interface and go to Tools > Options > Profile Management > Select the corresponding Profile Name > Edit > Type the APN > Tick “Static” > Save > OK.

    Sun Broadband Wireless Subscription Profile Name APN
    Sun Broadband Wireless Prepaid Sun INTERNET minternet
    Sun Broadband Wireless Plan 899 Sun Broadband STANDARD fbband
    Easy Broadband Sun Broadband STANDARD fbband
    Sun Broadband Wireless Plan 799 Bundle Sun Broadband STANDARD fbband

    It is likewise a healthy habit to perform a regular deletion / clean up of cache files, temporary internet files, and browsing history to free up your hard disk’s memory space.

  • Please ensure that cache and temporary internet files are deleted to free up your hard disk’s memory space. In your Internet Explorer browser, click on Tools -> Internet Options then click on clear cache, delete temporary internet files, and browsing history.

    Please likewise ensure that remaining hard disk space is 50 MB or more . 50 MB of hard disk space is one of the minimum system requirements for Sun Broadband Wireless.

    Ensure that your network is under WCDMA Only if within the 3G coverage. Open your Sun Broadband Wireless user interface and go to Tools > Options > Network > Network Type > WCDMA Only > Bands> All Bands> Apply > O K.

  • Errors Causes Solution

    Wrong Profile Name or APN

    Modify the Profile Name or APN
    The modem cannot detect a network signal Wait until the modem detects a network signal before connecting to the network
    31 Temporary Failure Unplug the modem then reconnect again
    629 The Sun Broadband Wireless SIM is not detected Ensure that the Sun Broadband SIM is placed properly
    The APN length is over 100 characters Modify the APN
    A PIN code may be needed for your SIM Input the PIN code
    633 The software driver of the USB modem may have not installed properly Try reinstalling the software
    651/777 The SIM card may have been locked/ blocked Encode the PUK code to unblock the service
    680 Several modems might be installed in the computer and it is trying to connect using another modem Insert the modem that you'll be using and then an automatic prompt that will uninstall the other modems will automatically appear. After uninstalling the other modems, an automatic prompt that will install the inserted modem will appear. Follow the simple procedures.
    720 The protocol of TCP/IP run is wrong Try reinstalling the software

Sun Broadband Wireless Stick Modem Upgrades

Subscribers who own the SBW USB stick modem may download the SBW USB Stick Modem Upgrade Wizard to be able to enjoy the service with Mac Operating System.

You may refer to the SBW USB Stick Modem Upgrade Guide for the step-by-step instructions.

See Terms & Conditions here.